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Module B ButtonTopic B4.5: Management Strategies - Course Files

Organizing Your Master Course Site
The key to organizing your Master Course Site is to group related items in folders on your hard drive. For instance, you might create a folder called "General Information." In the folder would be files outlining your basic teaching philosophy, how you view your role as an instructor, your expectations and standards, etc.

Another folder might be named "Submitting Assignments" that would contain your files on submission procedures, labeling systems and back-up strategies. Name folders and files in ways that make sense to you. Most operating systems allow you to create long files names for better management.

Other folders to consider might be:

  • Best Practices: web sites related to the discipline, links to government and organizational web sites.
  • Favorite Links for Students: online databases and journals, student support/tutoring services.
  • Samples of Previous Student Work: be sure to secure written permission before you post student's work.
  • Working with Courseware/Technology: links to online training modules, online student courseware manual, technical support services for students.
  • Graphics/Audio/Video Favorites: these take up a lot of space, so check your courseware or ask your administrator if you have sufficient space.

If you are unsure how to set up a site with folders, files, directories and subdirectories, check your courseware manual/tutorials or ask your administrator/technical support services to find out how.


Learning Activity I: Sample Master Course Site

Experiment with creating a Master Course Site. Start by creating a folder called General Information. Create files called My Teaching Philosophy, How to Contact Me and Grading Policies. Place these files into your General Information folder. Once you are comfortable with this process, add other folders you would use in your Master Course Site. If you need more guidance, download this .rtf file to assist you.

Tip: When you click a link to a text file like the one above, your browser will probably display the text. If you would like to download the file instead of simply viewing it, be sure to right-click the link and select the "Save..." option.


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