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Module B ButtonTopic B4.2: Management Strategies - Course Files

Master Course Site Contents
The contents of your Master Course Site should include basic information, procedures for submitting work, your file and text labeling systems, and strategies for technology failure.

Basic Information:

  • Prerequisites and policies you usually explain to all of your students, such as your preferred style and philosophy of teaching
  • How, when and where to contact you
  • Your standards and expectations (e.g., your grading policies)


Procedures for submitting work assignments, questions, and other electronic files: (Both the technology you use and your own preferences will determine the procedures you'll want students to use)

  • Do you use courseware that includes a Digital Drop Box, or would you prefer students e-mail assignments to you?
  • Do you want students to submit questions via e-mail or to post them on an electronic bulletin board?
  • Do you want group projects sent as attachments to e-mail or would you prefer they be posted to a group site within the courseware?
  • If students submit work via e-mail, have them put their name and assignment in the subject box so you can easily identify their submission.


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