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Module B ButtonTopic B4.3: Management Strategies - Course Files

Addressing Software Requirements
Develop a file labeling system and a text labeling system for students to use when submitting their work.

No matter which electronic methods your students use to submit work, a file labeling system helps you to identify/sort/prioritize their work. Have them label each file with (at least) their last name and assignment. Provide examples for labeling files, such as smith_econ111termpaper.rtf, or jones_eng200assign1.rtf. Have them submit a test file early in the course so you can spot and correct any problems.


Require students to save document files in Rich Text Format (.rtf) before submitting work. This will enable you to open their files using any word processing program in any version on either a Mac or PC platform.


A text labeling system is used to label pages within the file. This is important when printing/faxing/copying assignments because pages can become separated, mislaid or mixed with someone else's work.

Before students save their work to file, have them label each page of the work in a header with:

  • The course name and/or number
  • The student's name
  • The nature of the work
  • The specific page number and total page numbers
Examples: Psyc315 McMahon                     Econ509 Analysis Paper
                    Case Study-Page 5 of 10          Ashcraft Page 13 of 20


However you design your file and text labeling systems, be consistent. Use the same methods of identification for all student work.


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