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Topic B2: Orienting Students to Online Technologies - Self Assessment

You've completed Topic B2: Orienting Students to Online Technologies, now, try this online assessment to test your knowledge.




1. True or False. Because today’s students are fairly sophisticated and experienced with computer technology and have grown up browsing the Internet, it’s unnecessary to spend much time orienting students to the basics; only the more advanced technologies need to be explained.


2. True or False. Orientation information about the course should be included on the home page.



3. True or False. Online students should use the newest version of the web browser to be able to access the web course.



4. Which of the following is a web browser used by many visually-impaired students because of its easy to use type size adjustment.

a) Netscape Communicator
b) Microsoft Internet Explorer
c) Adobe Visualizer
d) Opera


5. To be successful, online students need to know how to perform which of the following basic computer skills?:

a) How to type (keyboarding skills).
b) How to use a mouse.
c) How to cut, copy, and paste text.
d) How to use email, including how to attach a file.
e) How to navigate the Internet.
f) All of the above with the exception of 'e.'


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