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Module B ButtonTopic B2.3: Orienting Students to Online Technologies

Web Browsers
Netscape - This popular web browser includes (in versions from 3.x to the latest 6.x) communications utilities for email and instant messaging, a web page editor (Composer), and other features.

Internet Explorer - Usually the “default” browser on many computers because it’s bundled with Microsoft Windows. It does not have a built-in web page editor, but MS FrontPage is available.

Opera -This Web browser is used by many visually impaired because it enables the user to adjust the type size easily. This browser is free to individuals and is particularly popular among those who rely on assistive technologies for working on the Internet.


Other technology requirements to be considered:

  • Will the student need access to the Internet to access the course or will there be another arrangement?
  • Does the student need a private email account?
  • Will the student need a multimedia computer with a CD-ROM or DVD?


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