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Module B ButtonTopic B3.5: Communicating Online

Learning Activity II: Communicating Your Online Persona.
Assuming that your students don’t know you in person, use the table below to consider what you would like your students to know of your personality as it transpires through your course materials and your interaction with them. If you don’t tell the students important things about you, they may likely never know from what they see in your course. So use the table below to PLAN for how you will communicate the essential “YOU” to your students. Some examples are given to begin your thinking.


Important things about me I would like my students to know about me. How will I incorporate this into my course materials? Did I succeed?
Devoted father/mother to my 3 children. Include picture of me and the kids at a soccer game. Done – picture on course home page.
Great sense of humor. Start each new topic with a humorous anecdote related to the content. Done on 4 out of 13 topics.
Love golf. In the announcements, give an occasional summary of how your golf game is improving (or not). Done – three other students in class also play golf and are now giving me tips.


Now, click here to download and view the Learning Activity II template and fill it out so you can communicate the information to your students.


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