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Topic A8: Your Role As Instructor - Additional Resources

Below are online resources which may help you in preparation. Take a moment to visit each. If you find a resource particularly helpful, remember to bookmark that page to make it easier to return to it at a later time.


Constructivist Learning Environments

Author Elizabeth Murphy briefly overviews and discusses some of the primary literature on the nature and construction of constructivist learning environments. Included are related links to other articles on constructivism, its role in technology, and sample web sites.

Constructivism Examined Oxford Review of Education, 28, 1, 23-35.

Fox, R. (2001).

A disparaging critique of the effectiveness of cognitive theory in which the author takes to task the principle concepts/claims of learning as an active, socially constructed process in which the learner strives to personalize and provide meaning to learning and knowledge. A different viewpoint!


Note: the above articles are also available online the MdUSA database.

Learning theories and their influence on the development and use of educational technologies, Australian Science Teachers Journal, 46, 3, 21-28.

Semple, A. (2000).

Although Semple’s primary experience is pedagogical, the article provides a highly useful review of the literature and concepts/principles of behavioral, cognitive, and constructionist theories of learning and their impact on the use and design of educational technologies. Maintains that an integral factor in creating effective learning environments is the instructor’s understanding of learning theories and the characteristics of his/her students.


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