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Topic A3: Instructional Design - Self Assessment

You've completed another topic in the Maryland Faculty Online site. Now take a minute to complete the online test. You'll see your results as you answer each question.


1. Which one of the following is true about writing objectives in Instructional Systems Design? Objectives should be written before the final product is considered sot the Instructional Designer can remain objective.
“Adding just one more item” to a course is rarely a problem as you’re writing objectives.
Objectives should be seen as one main cog in the wheel of an online course, and as such they support the overall course goals.
Objectives are usually written last, after the online course content and assessment tools have been developed.

2. The “A” in the ADDIE model, is…

A way to cut corners and complete the Instructional Design process more efficiently.
The phase in Instructional Design that identifies the who, what, where, when, and by whom, of the instructional design process.
Mainly used to ensure that GIGO doesn’t occur.
A way to focus attention on the minutiae of a course, a microscopic view of Instructional Design.


3. Analysis, the “I” in the ADDIE model, is…
Inductive reasoning.


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