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Module C ButtonTopic C8.2: How To Promote Learning Of The New Terms


Extended Vocabulary Card
It will now be shown how you can develop an association between the term's classification and identifying characteristic(s) and information already in your mind. 

Two examples of an extended vocabulary card will be given.

Example One: Medical Asepsis

Medical asepsis is the practice that reduces and prevents the transfer of germs.

Classification:  Practice
Identifying Characteristics:  
1. Reduce transfer of germs
                                                      2. Prevent transfer of germs

Examples:  1. Wash hands around food
                     2. Hair cut combs
                     3. Alcohol on cuts


  Past Present Future


Cook at Badburgers Hungry Careful where eat
Who Me Family & friends Family & friends
Experience Became ill Careful when eating Careful when eating
Beliefs None Need food inspectors Support laws for health inspections
Emotions Did not care Worry & concern Worry & concern
Restaurant must be clean with good lighting
Must feel clean, no greasy marks
No stale food or disinfectant odor


Example Two: Mercantilism

Mercantilism is an economic system based upon colonizing new territories and exploiting their natural resources.

Term Being Defined:  Mercantilism
Classification:  Economic System
Identifying Characteristics:  
1. Colonizing new territories
                                                      2. Exploiting natural resources

Examples:  1. American colonies
                     2. African countries
                     3. India
                     4. Russia
                     5. Iraq


  Past Present Future


American colonies, Iraq China wants more territory China
Who English King, Saddam Hussein None Government of China
Experience None Remember Desert Storm  
Beliefs None Must be prevented Could cause world war
Emotions None Anger Concern
Desert fighting


Teaching Suggestions

Determine what kind of definition is required to learn and apply the information presented in your course.

  1. Always relate new information being introduced to what the students already knows.  This must be done so the students can see the link or connection between the new information and information they already know. 
  2. Try to connect the course topic to the student's career goals.  Tell the students they could be asked about this information on a job interview.
  3. Try to find more time for class discussion or make an online chat room participation part of your grade.
  4. Demonstrate to the students how to make an extended vocabulary card for some of the terms in your lecture.


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