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Topic B1: Orienting Students to Online Learning - Self Assessment

In Topic B1: Orienting Students to Online Learning, you had the chance to explore:

  • finding information a typical online student would need to know before enrolling in an online course.
  • the necessary components of the layout of an online course.
  • the difference between instructor-generated and college-maintained orientation materials.
  • online orientation materials other faculty have successfully used in their courses.

Now, complete this online assessment to test your knowledge.


1. True or False. The format of all online courses is entirely on the web.


2. True or False. Orientation information about the course should be included on the home page.


3. True or False. Each student should ideally evaluate his own learning style before determining if he might be successful by taking a class online.


4. True or False. Asynchronous communication means that the instructor wants everyone in the class to follow a set schedule of deadlines.


5. The minimum number of hours a student should be told he/she needs to spend on a single online course is:

a) 1-3 hours.
b) 3-5 hours.
c) 6-9 hours.
d) 10-13 hours.
e) 14-18 hours.


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