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Topic B1: Orienting Students to Online Learning - Additional Resources

Below are online resources which may help you in preparation. Take a moment to visit each. If you find a resource particularly helpful, remember to bookmark that page to make it easier to return to it at a later time.


The Ten Commandments of Success in Cyber Instruction

Dereshiwsky, Mary I.,

Ten rules for students to follow to successfully learn online.

Designing Instruction for Web-Based Distance Instruction

Description of browsers and plug-ins. Includes other information on developing and managing an online course.

Getting the Most Out of Online Learning

Jana, Reena, InfoWorld, Sept 13, 1999, v21 i37 p119.

Discusses attributes of a successful online learner. Explains asynchronous versus synchronous classes.

Teaching On-line: Lessons Learned from CUNY On-Line Project

Park-Kim, Kwi,

Description of some of the aspects of planning an online course and the first meeting with the students.

World Campus 101: Orienting Students to Penn State's New Campus

The online orientation used by Penn State University. Includes modules on being an online student, using online course materials, communicating, using the Penn State library, and getting help.

Other sources for finding terms commonly used in online courses may be found at or


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