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Topic A7: Identifying and Assessing Available Technologies - Self Assessment

In Topic A7: Identifying and Assessing Available Technologies, you've had an opportunity to explore:

1) A definition of instructional technology
2) The various reasons why you would use technology
3) What technologies are available
4) How you might tell when you should use technology or not.

Now, complete this online assessment to test your knowledge.

1. Which of the following technologies are considered synchronous?

a) Chat.
b) Discussion Bulletin Board.
c) Web Pages.
d) Teleconference.
e) Both b and c.
f) Both a and d.

2. Which of the following technologies is not typically used for content delivery?

a) Web Pages.
b) Chat.
c) Television.
d) Databases.
e) Video.

 3. Which topic would you address when selecting a technology for your course?

a) Availability.
b) Cost.
c) Security.
d) Prerequisites.
e) Workload.
f) Both a and b.
g) a, b and e.
h) All of the above.

4. True or False. Incorporating technology into a course will never require an adjustment to or addition of a learning objective.


5. True or False. An online discussion is a course management system.


6. Which of the following instructional groupings is supported with online technology?

a) Communication.
b) Collaboration.
c) Content.
d) Course Management.
e) Assignment.
f) Assessment.
g) Study Tools.
h) a, c and e.
i) b, c, d, e and f.
j) All of the above.


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