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Topic A7: Identifying and Assessing Available Technologies - Additional Resources

WebCT offers online academic communities which enable you to register (even if you do not teach with WebCT) and ask questions of your colleagues in your discipline. WebCT's online Faculty Community focuses on such topics as:

1) I want to find materials for inclusion in my course.

2) I want to see other courses designed in WebCT.

3) How do I become a better online teacher?

4) I want to find help for my students.


Below are online resources which may help you in preparation. Take a moment to visit each. If you find a resource particularly helpful, remember to bookmark that page to make it easier to return to it at a later time.

1) Learning Resources Network. This is an online teaching and learning resource of educational web sites and teaching related articles. There is a section of particular interest to the topic at hand, Instructional Technology and Software.

2) Evaluating Educational Software for Special Education. This article by Kyle Higgins presents a software evaluation process that can be used to evaluate commercially developed educational software.

3) Integrating Technology in the Classroom The following list contains resources useful for any K-6 teacher, regardless of whether there is a computer lab, computers in the classroom, or computers at home. In addition to resources explaining how and why more technology in school can be beneficial to young children, there are also many more general resources regarding lesson plans, class layout, discipline, and subject-specific activities.


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