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Topic A5: Designing Learning Activities that Promote Active Learning Introduction - Self Assessment

You've completed another topic in the Maryland Faculty Online site. Now take a minute to complete the online test. You'll see your results as you answer each question.


1. True or False. Giving an orientation to students about how to participate in electronic discussions is not necessary since most students are now fairly experienced and sophisticated about communicating online. True.

2. True or False. In electronic discussions, the instructor should be a model of good netiquette and good writing.


3. True or False. The best way an instructor can keep electronic discussions on topic is to tell the entire class as soon as possible when one or two students stray off course.


4. Which of the following is not true of the learning strategy called a “Web Quest?”

a. It encourages students to seek content on the World Wide Web and to show how they understand that content.
b. It motivates learners to use Web resources to achieve course objectives.
c. It is deliberately designed to make the maximum use of the learner’s time.
d. It is not suitable for elementary education levels because of the higher cognitive skills needed to develop one.
e. All of the above are true.

5. Since most online learners are taking web-based classes so they can accommodate their busy and often unpredictable work schedules, interaction that involves collaborating with other students, especially team and group projects, should not be designed into an online course, and instructors are discouraged from requiring such student-to-student interaction. True


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