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Topic A4: Learning Objectives - Self Assessment

Congratulations! You've completed Topic A4: Learning Objectives, now take a minute to complete the online test.



1. Which of the following is considered a component of all ABCD objectives? Details of who should and should not attend the training program.
Description of the expected behavior the student should exhibit.
Description of the learning activity the student should complete.
Details of how many long the student has to complete the behavior.

2. You have a goal and an objective that was correctly written using the ABCD format. What is the primary difference between each of these items

The goal is written so it is measurable and observable.
The goal statement is always longer than the objective.
The objective always contains all elements of ABCD.
The objective should specify "condition" and "degree.".

 Use the following objective to answer the next two questions:

At the completion of ENGL-101, the Howard Community College student will be able to diagram the parts of a complete sentence supplied by the instructor with 70% or greater accuracy.


3. Which part of this objective identifies the degree? At the completion of ENGL-101.
The Howard Community College student.
Will be able to diagram the parts of a complete sentence supplied by the instructor.
With 70% or greater accuracy.

4. What is the behavior that is expected by this objective?

That the person performing the task is a Howard Community College student.
That the course student diagrams the parts of a sentence provided by the instructor.
That the course participant diagrams a sentence with a high level of accuracy.
That the student complete the course before they diagram a sentence.

5. True or False. Performance agreement is a process where course content is compared to the course objectives to determine if it is validity with the intent of retooling instruction where necessary.



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