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Beginning HTML  

Week 3 Assignments

This Week
You have completed HTML tutorials that have familiarized you with using HTML tags in a text editor to produce a personal Web page that can be viewed over the Internet.  If you need help remembering all of the HTML tags used to format text, graphics, tables, backgrounds, and lists please refer to the HTML hyperlink listed at the bottom of each page. 

Learning Outcomes

You will use HyperText Markup Language to create a personal Web page  for the World Wide Web.  This document will contain plain text, formatting, graphics, and links to other locations on the Web.

Required Reading
All required readings are included as part of the instruction.


  • Create a personal Web page (no more than two pages) containing the HTML components listed below.  Click here to see an example of  this assignment.  
  • FTP your Web page to a server of your choice.   

Web Page Assignment

Content Point Value
A graphic background 10
Three different sizes of text 6
Colored text 3
A horizontal rule 3
Links to other Web pages (2) 10
An e-mail link to yourself 10
An photo of yourself or an image downloaded from the Web 10
An ordered list 8
An unordered list 8
A table 12
Effective navigation 5
Appropriate use of design 5
Appropriate use of color 5
Appropriate use of font size and typefaces 5
Grade (points earned/100 possible) 100

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