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Beginning HTML  

Week 2 Assignments

This Week
Last weeks assignments focused on using HTML tags to (1) manipulate and format text and images; (2)create e-mail and hyperlinks; and (3) save and view text documents in a Web browser. The lessons this week provide instruction for adding tables, lists, and backgrounds to your Web page.  


Learning Outcomes
At the end of the week you will be able to create a text document containing a background, a table, and ordered and unordered list that can be viewed in a Web browser.  


Required Reading
Text Commands


  • Using what you have learned about text and HTML flags, create a simple Web Page that includes:  A photo of yourself and your name, address, phone, and email address (include the link). Post this to your home page on the NOVA server. 

FTP Instructions

  • Complete the HTML Tutorials at the following sites:  

Basic HTML Tutorials

Backgrounds Background Colors
Text Colors
Background Wallpaper
Tables Simple Table Tutorial Only
Indents & Lists Paragraph Indents
Bulleted Lists
Numbered Lists
FTP Tutorial Go to Resource Page


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