Discussion Board
Conference Rules
Online Anthropology
Dr. A. Habermacher
The discussion board conferences are conversations among class members based on required readings and other assignments. Unless indicated in the instructions accompanying a conference, the following rules will apply.
The Rules 
  1. Discussion board conferences are required and graded.

  3. Grades: 

    • There are more conference points available during the semester than you can use toward your final grade.
    • See the syllabus to learn the maximum number of conference points you can use toward your final grade.
    • There are no "make ups" for missed conferences. You may not earn points by posting late to a conference that has closed; no exceptions.
    • Conference grades are totaled rather than averaged.
    • If you earn more than the maximum usable number of conference points allowed during the semester, the excess points do not count toward the semester point total.
    • Consult the syllabus to see what each conference is worth. 

  5. Duration: Conferences usually last eight (8) to ten (10) days before closing. Check the Bb Announcements and the Bb Calendar for dates.

  7. Writing: Pay attention to sentence construction and spelling;  write in clear standard English.

  9. Message Types: Conference participation requires posting two types of messages -- primary and secondary messages. 

  11. Primary (main) postings

    • a primary message addresses the main task of the particular conference as indicated in its directions.
    • usually two of these are required in a conference
    • word length: 75 (minimum) - 135 (maximum)
    • may be made until midnight of the third day prior to the close of the conference, i.e., no credit will be given for primary postings made during the final two days (48 hours) of a conference. 
    • must be new and unique. You will not earn credit for a primary posting on a topic previously posted by another student in the same conference. However, you may reply to it with a secondary posting and earn credit.

  13. Secondary (response, reply) postings:
    • must enlarge upon, evaluate, constructively criticize or otherwise intelligently add to the primary posting of at least two classmates
    • at least two of these are required in a conference
    • simply responding that you agree or disagree will earn no points
    • may be posted for credit until midnight of the day the conference closes.
January 2001
Andrew Habermacher