Checklist for Online Faculty

Did you include these items in your online course preparations?




Your Web Page


1.  Is your contact information complete and correct?

-  email (is this hyperlinked so students can contact you easily?)
-  phone
-  office location
-  on campus and online office hours



2.  Does your Web page clearly indicate the your course number, course title and reference number?


3.      Does your Web Page give clear directions about how students get started in your class?





Web Page Links


1.      Link to Blackboard (


2.      Link to Distance Learning Web site (


3.      Link to PGCC Home page (


4.   Link to PGCC Library (





Your Syllabus


1.   Course Description


2.   Course Objectives


3.   The Required Textbook(s)


4.   Major Assignments and Due Dates


5.   Your Grading Policy


6.  Your policy on accepting work beyond the stated deadline


7.  How to login to Blackboard







1.  What do you want students to do first?


2.  How do the students know what to do first?


3.  Will you have a required on-campus orientation?

Is this orientation session listed on your Web site? Is it clearly marked as “required?”


4.  If you are not having a required on-campus orientation, does your Web page clearly tell students what you want them to do first?


5. Are you planning to send an orientation letter by regular mail (snail)? 








1.  Is your feedback policy written down?  It should be on your syllabus.


2.      How will you handle emails from students?

-         How often will you check student emails?

-     When can students expect a response?


3.      How will you handle assignments?

-         Do you want students to use the digital drop box or email assignments to you?

-         Will you send students an acknowledgement that you have received the assignment?

-         Generally, how long will it be before students receive feedback?

-         Will you send personal feedback or just post a grade in Blackboard?


4.  How will you handle quizzes/exams?

-         Generally, how long will it be before students receive a grade?

-         Will you return the exam (via mail or FAX) or just post a grade in Blackboard?


5.  If you are going to be out of town or unavailable, will you notify students?







1.      Have you provided for regular interaction between you and your students?


-         posting announcements in Blackboard

-         a weekly ‘to-do’ list

-         group emails



2.      Have you provided for regular interaction among your students?


-         discussion board

-         group projects

-         student Web pages

-         chat rooms



3.  Is it clear to students whether interaction is required or optional?


4.  Does your grading policy clearly state how you will evaluate student responses?