HRD 603

Professional Development in HRD

Fall 2000
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Course Rationale

Adult learners find that their career paths don't often match the HRD curriculum plan.  This course provides an opportunity for learners to determine gaps in their career paths and plan and execute strategies to accomplish their goals.

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Catalog Description

Analysis and development of professional competencies, knowledge and attitudes according to roles of the Human Resource Development specialist.  The overall goal of the course is to help students develop and complete a professional portfolio that they can use for career advancement.


Completion of 21 hours in HRD coursework or consent of instructor.

This course is intended for Master's level learners pursuing a degree in Human Resource Development,  Educational Leadership /Administrator I Certification or related Master's level programs.

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Course Objectives

This course is based on the principles of adult learning theory and, as such, models those principles in class. The most fundamental principles are those of self-direction, self-evaluation, and collaboration. Therefore the class members themselves will be designing the specifics of the course customized around the specific HRD roles and competencies they need to polish.   The professor will be the manager of the learning, making sure that the course meets rigorous graduate-level academic standards within guidelines set by the department and the university. It thus is structured in non-traditional format. The following are the course objectives:
1. Compare how your educational background (including previous HRD course work) and job experience measure up to the roles defined by the HRD profession.

2. Identify and match the critical competencies required of each role to specific roles you wish to develop or polish.

3. Develop and execute an individualized professional plan at graduate level quality using measurable and attainable criteria based on the roles and competencies you wish to develop further.

  • Develop a summative and formative contract chart with achievable dates and criteria for success at specific check points.
  • Develop a peer network for support, resource exchange and evaluation of learning contracts.
  • Manage time to accomplish specific goals around work, family, and recreational activities.
  • 4. Incorporate the professional plan products into a professional portfolio which demonstrates the best work possible at the completion of this course.
    Integrate at least 5 different resources (Web, person, books, tapes, conferences, etc.) into the execution of the professional plan, annotate them and document them using correct APA format.
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    Course Topics

    I.  Roles specified by the HRD profession  (as stated by the American Society for Training and Development).

    II. Competencies required in Human Resource Development  (as stated by various professional organizations, including the American Society for Training and Development).

    III. Develop a competency/role match using a predetermined inventory based on gap analysis of needs to roles.

    IV. Learn to use electronic resources

    A. E-mail
    B. Accessing the course via the Web
    C. World Wide Web Browsers
    V. Implement the Individualized Development Plan
    A. Mentoring resources
    B. On-the-job resources
    C. Peer resources
    D. Instructor coaching
    E. Team collaboration
    F. Selected readings
    G. Interviews
    H. ASTD resources
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    Course Assessments

    From a gap analysis using professional standards and competencies,  submit and execute a minimum of three (3) Individualized Development Plans (IDP), including accompanying annotated bibliographies and monthly progress reports.

    Submit the IDP products in a professional portfolio.  Samples of exceptional work may be used in subsequent course materials with credit given to the learner unless the s/he specifically requests that is not be used.

    At various times in the course,  learners may be asked to complete questionnaires which will be used for course improvement.  These will not be graded, nor will they affect the grade in any way.

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