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Beginning HTML  

Week 1 Assignments

This Week
Welcome!  This week you will begin a series of on-line tutorials that will introduce you to basic text and formatting command in the HyperText markup language.  The tutorials are on-line and have been developed by Joseph Burns, PhD. who is an Assistant Professor of Communications at  Southeastern Louisiana University.  
Learning Outcomes
At the end of the week, after completing these lesson, you will be able to define HTML and modify text using basic HTML commands.
Required Reading
All required readings are included as part of the instruction.

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Basic HTML Tutorials

Primer #1
Welcome to HTML
Let's Get Started
What is HTML
Beginning to Write
View Source
Primer #2
HTML Flags
Flag Format
Open/Close Flags
Single Flags
Writing Your First Page
Primer #3
Heading Commands
Font Size Commands
Centering Text
Text to The Right
Primer #4
Creating A Hypertext Link
E-Mail Links
Primer #5
Placing Images
Image Formats
Where to Get Images
Activating Images
Primer #6
Manipulating Images
Image Placement On Page
Aligning Text With Images
Changing Image Size
Adding a Horizontal Rule
Primer #7 Getting your Page On the Web

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